Review from Carl Fisher

Extreme Back Attacks DVD review from the FP!
Mauricio ‘Tinguinha’ Mariano, known worldwide as a pioneer of the open guard and with a string of successful Ultimate Open Guard DVD releases, once again teams up with Jason Williams and Fightlife Productions and assistant Marcelo Cavalcanti for his latest release, Extreme back Attacks.
The DVD is split into two parts and covers thirty three chapters, the first part deals with taking the back and in his unique and technical way, Tinguinha offers a number of ways of taking the back from the following positions:-
Closed guard (top and bottom)
Half guard (top and bottom)
Side control
North and South
Arm bar in closed guard position
And many more, taking up the bulk of the chapters on the DVD.
The second section of the DVD covers submissions from the back and in the twelve chapters on offer, seven chapters focus around chokes and collar chokes in varying positions; the remainder of the DVD looks at transitions to an arm bar and reverse triangle and finishing with a number of ways to finish your opponent when they are on their hands and knees and you have the hooks in (titled 4 position in the DVD).
Once again a very detailed and technical DVD, not as much content as compared to the Extreme Open Guard DVD, but enough material to help you get the back from almost any position and enough options of finishing your opponent should you be lucky enough to take the back.
Get it in the bag today!
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