Review by Budovideos

The Extreme Open Guard:If you look at all four of Tinguinha’s DVDs collectively, this one is the most dynamic and therefore it is also my hands down favorite. In this instructional you can really tell that Tinguinha tried to think outside of the box and provide an instructional that really teaches you how to integrate all forms of guard into one effective platform. Everything about this DVD is top notch and I really cannot find too much room for criticism. In The Extreme Open Guard, Tinguinha shows everything about making your guard a complete hassle for the passer, drills, specific guard pass counters and defenses, crazy sweeps and submissions, and the ever so important transitions between guards.
Cons: Some people ma find this DVD overwhelming, but it really is all that you need to integrate a complete guard game into your arsenal. The only real complaint may be that the information tends to lean towards the advanced end of the spectrum and this material is incredibly useful at the highest level of blue belt and beyond. There is a lot here.
Favorite Moments: First of all, I will watch any DVD that teaches me how to defend the guard and this one is no different. The escapes and strategies work perfectly into Tinguinha’s game plan and I love how Tinguinha highlights how to sweep passing opponents. This is jiu-jitsu philosophy in motion! Also, every single inter-guard transition is solid gold. Tinguinha deftly shows the symbiotic nature of different guards and he does an expert job of showing how to flow in and out of all guards to create a complete dynamic game.
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Review by andreh Anderson

Things have been hectic so I havent had much time to train, let alone watch an instructional, but I just finished Tinguinha's DVD and wanted to share my opinion of it.
I'm going to include the list of techniques that another poster wrote up on a different thread because it was a great breakdown of what's on the set:
Hip Escape
Hip Escape + Step over
Getting to your knees
Replacing Guard when opponent traps legs
Shadow Drilling
Wall hip Movement
Guard Repositioning
Mobility Drill
Cross Replacement
Leg Movement
Sitting up Guard Movement/Pummeling
Sweeps & Subs
Butterfly Sweep w/ hooks in and push
Omoplata from Butterfly feet on hips
Armbar from same
Triangle from same
Armdrag from same
Outside Hook going under leg sweep
Helicopter sweep with one leg standing
Sweep hooking the arm
Sweep hooking the arm over the head
Sweep hooking the arm from sitting up guard
Plata from hooking arm control
Rolling over shoulder plata hooking the arm
Leg sweep when opponent stands up
Armbar from sitting up guard
Pulling guard options (getting back/armbar)
Pulling guard to triangle
Escapes & Counters
Defending guard pass
Sweeping while opponent tries to pass
Controlling the knee sweep
Controlling hips sweep
Countering the arm under leg pass –sweep with knee control
Reverse when opponent starts getting side control
Countering arm under leg pass to choke
Countering arm under leg pass to belt drag
Countering arm under leg to crucifix
Triangle guard repositioning
Defending and sweeping the knee pass
Rolling over shoulder sweep
Escaping leg control
Defending and sweeping the knee through pass
Rolling under sweep
Lifting leg sweep
Sitting up guard
Butterfly guard
Spider guard
Cross guard
X guard
Overhook guard
Outside hook guard
Cross to spider
Cross to X
Sitting up to X
Sitting up guard to spider
Outside hook to spider
Spider to X
Spider to sit up
Spider to outside hook guard
My opinion:
Come on! Look at that list. That is about as thorough as you can get on a subject. I applaud Tinguinha for packing this DVD with excellent technical information. I think it is a great resource for any technical question you have about dealing with anything in the open guard. Each of the scenarios are realistic and common in the open guard, so you'll find yourself referring to this whenever something comes up in training that you dont have a technical answer for.
Do NOT try to watch it all at once--There is simply too much information. Way too much for one sitting. The best thing to do is to start with the drills section and begin adding them to your warm up. Then take a look at your game and see where there is a hole in your open guard. Go directly to the technique and drill it until you are able to use it in sparring against the lower belts. I don't recommend changing anything about your open guard that is already working. Ive made that mistake before. Ive watched DVDs and just randomly tried adding the techniques to my game, sometimes replacing my trusted techniques with new ones, and that's a big mistake that can cause you to lose a lot of your game.
You will find that 99% of the techniques are reliable and easy to add to your game. There were a couple that I could see myself having a hard time with, but fortunately they were in scenarios in which I already feel confident in my own answer for the position.
In short, for less than the price of a private, you will get a complete technical resource for just about anything you encounter in the open guard. Tinguinha did an excellent job with this set.