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Tinguinha's Open Guard for Beginners DVD

DVD Review – Tinguinha’s Open Guard for Beginners

In this DVD, Tinguinha turns his attention to the beginner’s who are just starting out on their journey along the jiu jitsu path and has created an instructional covering the open guard; the DVD is split into three sections covering guard controls and guard replacement, sweeps and submissions and a bonus in depth interview with man himself.

Section one covers in detail open guard control and advice on how to recover guard, as well as controlling guard pass attempts; this section will give the beginners confidence to start playing an aggressive and attacking open guard, with many hours of drilling ahead for them in class.

Section two goes back to basics and covers a number of commonly used sweeps without getting too technical and tricky and the old favourites are in the submissions sections, namely loop chokes, triangles and kimuras.

The DVD is well produced as you would expect from a Fightlife release and the DVD is a useful addition for coaches as well as beginners; the coach can take the information from part one and use it in a warm up session and can drill them out with beginners and advanced students, it never hurts to keep the basics solid and ingrained into muscle memory.

Section three is a bonus interview, as Mauricio talks about his life in martial arts and rounds off another addition to the Tinguinha library; his latest DVD covers hidden techniques of the half guard, expect a review of this real soon!