Review by Andreh Anderson

Tinguinha is well-known for having one of the most effective open guards. Like most of the guys from Barra, he is a master at grips and hooks and intricate sweeps that keep your opponent on the defensive the moment he ends up in your guard. Tinguinha's open guard consists of several layers of attacks and sweeps, with each movement having its logical "next step in case..."

Most importantly, what Tinguinha has done, and what I encourage others to do, is to take one position and examine it completely. He did this with his Spider Guard and Cross Guard DVDs, and now he has done it with the Sitting Guard. The benefit of this is that you will have a one stop resource for just about any question you might have on this position. This is important, because it saves you time and effort from having to search through several DVDs from different instructors to find the exact situation you are looking for.

Tinguinha is very clear in his instruction. He doesnt leave out any details, and has properly taken the time to organize the presentation of the techniques so that one can easily follow the sequence to simulate the "flow" of a match. He did his homework, and presents a complete package. That type of effort should be applauded because it is the sign of a true professional, and it has been unfortunately rare in the industry (though things have been changing for the better over the last couple of years).

Here are the techniques:

1) How to move your legs in the sitting guard (s.g).: This is the discussion of proper posture in the sitting guard.

2) How to get the s.g. from standing: How to safely take the fight from the feet to the s.g. position without opening yourself up to the pass.

3) How to get the s.g. from the closed guard.

4) Basic hook sweep.

5) Partner bases from your hook sweep, how to sweep him to the other side: Here are all of the details, presented very clearly, to a position most of us have seen but probably havent mastered.

6) Same sweep as above, but going to standing for the sweep.

7) Hook sweep controlling the leg and hooking behind the knee: x-guard.

[Cool] Same x-guard position, but this time the oppt hides his arm.

9) holding the leg sweep while bringing the head under the arm: This is the "bullrush" sweep that is done when your opponent tries to back out of your s.g. The lapel control detail on this one is awesome.

10) Getting the back from the s.g.

11) Sweeping over the shoulder when oppt gets underhook: This is how to take advantage of his smashing pass. Awesome sweep.

12) Pressuring the shoulder while going to the back: This is like a whizzer variation.

13) Armdrag to take the back.

14) arm drag to single leg: Great details for when your oppt is too far away to get his back.

15) Hooking behind both knees to sweep: Another great sweep you will find yourself right away.

Part 2: Subs and passes:

1) Triangle from the s.g.

2) omaplata from the s.g.

3) Lapel choke from the s.g.

4) Rodado (loop) choke from the s.g.

5) Pushing knee pass

6) Forehead on the mat pass

7) Jumping over the shoulder pass

[Cool] controlling belt and leg pass: a favorite!

9) Controlling belt and foot pass when oppt starts to sweep

10) Controlling both legs pass

11) Turning the hips pass to mount: another HUGE favorite.

12) Triangle while passing the s.g. (flying)

13) Armbar while passing the s.g (flying!)

I was asked on here to compare this DVD to Stephen Kestings, but I cant since I havent seen Stephen's. I highly recommend this set as an important resource for anyone of any belt level who has questions about the many facets of the sitting guard. If your sitting guard is currently being passed, you definitely should pick this DVD up to find out what you can do differently. Fortunately, Tinguinha has labeled all of the techniques by name, so if it is a specific problem you are having, the solution is easily found from the menu.

Like his other DVDs, this is professionally done, with clear lighting, sound, and camera work. You can never go wrong with anything Tinguinha puts out.



From: JudoJim

I have had the dvd for about two weeks now and I can say although this is a position that I am familiar with, it still was not one that I was comfortable using. However, I have come across this position quite often.

Fist off, the DVD is broken down into two parts. Part 1 is Controls and Sweeps of the Sitting up Guard, and Part 2 is Finishes and pass of the Sitting Up Guard.

Part 1: In part one they start out showing what the sitting up guard is and looks like. They show the proper way to move in the sitting up guard with out getting pinned to your back and being passed.

They then move to getting the sitting up guard from the standing position. This intales getting a basic Judo grip while pulling back and tucking the leg under your butt and sitting into the sitting up guard.

Then we go to getting the sitting up guard from the closed guard. Again, this is just a matter of posting on the elbow and scotting your hips back to tuck the legs into the sitting up guard.

After teaching how to establish position and controling the position once you have it, they then move to the first sweep...The Hook Sweep... the hook sweep is when you have the sitting up guard and then grip the arm that is on the same side of the leg that is flat on the ground and then roll over that same shoulder and lift with the other leg for the sweep.

Next we move to a second hook sweep... and while doing so they also teach you a defense to the first hook sweep. Now the sweeps shown are the same sweep, however he shows what to do if there is a counter to your sweep. First off the bad guy blocks your sweep by posting his leg. They then teach you how to switch direction and then do the sweep in the other direction.

Next they teach you another sweep from the same defense used. This time your in the same position, however doing a diffrent sweep. Just a continuation of the same technique.

Now the next two techniques were a little of a surprize to me in the fact that I didn't expect to see this in the DVD, but they talk about going from the sitting up guard to the X-guard and sweeping from the X-guard. Now not having any DVD's on the X-guard it was a nice little treat. Here we work on getting the sitting up guard and then moved into a X-guard after a counter to the Hook sweep.

The next techinque talks about the player that slides back pulling away from you in your sitting up guard. The technique shown will look as if you tuck your head under the arm of the player, as he is pinning your bent horizontal leg to the ground, then while arching and twisting into the player driving him to his back.

We then move to getting the back from the sitting guard.

Then back to another sweep, this one, if you are familiar with Judo at all looks like tomoe-nage where you post your foot in the stomach of the bad guy and sit down throwing him over you head. If you can picture that then that is similer to the sweep.

The next three sweeps focus on getting the back of your opponent. One works as the opponent attemps to pass the guard, the other is, the arm drag to the back. If you have the Marcello Garcia set then this sweep is what that first video is all about. The last one has to do with getting the sweep by taking your leg and hooking the opponents leg for a single leg takedown after faking the armdrag.

And the last sweep in the DVD in part one is taking your feet and hooking behind the knees and grabbing the heels and sweeping by pushing and pulling.

Part 2: Submissions and Passing the Sitting up guard.

The first part is submissions they do a triangle, omoplata, a collar choke, and a loop choke from the sitting up guard.

Theres then seven passes that are shown then back to two more sweeps to submission setups. First is the stepping into the triangle when you are in the standing position, and the other is an armbar done the same way.

And that compleats the DVD... It says that there is about 120 mins on this DVD and 28 total techniques. The one thing that I have noticed on this DVD is that there is an incress of replays/techniques on this DVD over the Spider Guard DVD for example.

I thought that this was a real good DVD and had excellent instruction. Angles are shown from both sides so you are not guessing on the foot placement while watching the hand movement and vice versa.

My only complaint, and it applies for all his DVD's are the fact that both guys in the DVD are wearing the same color Kimonos(this time it happens to be Black), but if thats the best I can come up with then I can't complain too much.

***Note: The summary of each technique does not do the teaching on this DVD justice. The details that I got out of this DVD, I would never be able to type it all out. This is just my opinion, and can only rate it to the level of training that I have recieved in the past.

Hope this helps in your decision!