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The Spider Guard: To start off, I really believe that this is the best overall spider guard DVD on the market. Although there are other DVDs that show amazing spider guard concepts like the Braulio Estima instructional, this is the only set that only delves into the spider guard material at such an in depth level. Like all of the following DVDs, the core of the material is shown as follows: Establishing the position against different postures, controlling the position, and then basic sweeps followed by advanced reversals and submissions. In the spider guard instructional, the core material is followed by passing the spider guard and in the new special edition, preventing the spider guard passes. The production value is very high with clean camera work and a nice tight angle to see all of the action.
Cons: I have head that some of these moves are too independent and that there is not enough of a gameplan present in the instructional. Actually, I would disagree slightly. I think the DVD is laid out as a “collection of moves”, but he does provide valuable insight that when viewed as a whole presents a very illuminating gameplan for this tricky guard. Instead of a step by step gameplan, you get an in depth portrait of how the spider guard works, from here you can as many games as you want.
Personal Favorite Moments: I loved everything about this set, but my favorite had to be the drills and the helicopter sweeps. Although I’m not great at the move, it is just poetry in motion and who better to watch teach in than Tinguinha. Pick up this DVD if you have even in a passing interest in the Spider Guard.


Review by Carl Fisher
Tinguinha Spider Guard DVD review

In the world of instructional tapes and DVD’s, the area of the open guard remains rather sketchy and anything on the spider guard would appear to be gold dust; step forward Mauricio ‘Tinguinha’ Mariano, Gracie Barra black belt and owner and operator of the Gracie Barra Orange County Academy, California.

A second degree black belt under Carlos Gracie Jr, Tinguinha has been training for seventeen years and teaching for eleven and moved to the US in 2000; his career highlights include two times Brazilian champion; four times Rio state champion; second place in the first Mundials and second in the Florida Pan Ams.

Tinguinha has developed and honed the spider guard to great effect over recent years and is duly qualified to produce a DVD covering this much neglected area; Tinguinha teams up with black belt Gustav Machado in a Fightlife Production to present the ‘The Ultimate Open Guard Series.’

The DVD is split up into three sections, with the first part covering spider guard control and basic sweeps; set ups from standing and closed guard kick off the first section, before moving on to controlling the arms, legs and hips from the spider guard. Nine sweeps are then covered from various positions either with the opponent in standing or kneeling position.

Section two covers submissions and advanced sweeps; arm bar, triangle and omoplata from the spider get the treatment from Tinguinha both from kneeling and standing, as well as an omoplata sweep for good measure. Three advanced cross sweeps are shown, one that takes the back and the other two from standing and kneeling and spider guard to single leg and knee bar round off part two.

Section three rounds off the DVD with passing the spider guard and includes passes such as ‘driving the bus’; step back pass; the Toureando pass and many other passes, including two passes to knee bar.


A very worthy and must have collection for both student and instructor alike; section one covers the set ups and drills and can be utilised into any warm up and the sweeps are basic enough for white belts to grasp. Section two steps the pace up and while the subs are relatively easy to grasp, the advanced cross sweeps are strictly for blues and above. Section three has a mixed bag of passes for all belts and can be drilled over and over, which applies to all the techniques on the DVD. Tinguinha breaks the move down in the first instance and then demonstrates in full speed and then moves on to the next technique, which makes things easy to digest. The techniques are easy to follow and by far the best part of this DVD is that each technique is indexed, which makes it ideal for mat side teaching with a lap top – you can just keep clicking away until you find your favourite technique, watch the move then pause and keep going back again and again. With over thirty techniques on the DVD, there is plenty to choose from and endless hours of drills and sparring from the spider guard to be had both in the club and more importantly, pulling these moves in competition!

See you on the mats.

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