TBJJ Technique Feature- August


In this Month's featured Technique, we have Mauricio "Tinguinha" 's black belt Luis
"Speedy" Gonzalez teaching two techniques. Luis most recently has gotten 3rd place in the International BJJ Championship that took place in July 2007 in Brazil. This month he will be sharing with us one of his favorite techniques together with his brother Jesus Gonzalez..


- Knee on the belly attacks:

Knee on the belly transition to mount position

Luis starts on the side control position

From the side control he goes to the knee on the stomach

Jesus starts blocking Luis's knee on his stomach by pushing
and placing his hands on Luis's knee

Luis posts his right hand on the mat and throw his right leg
over Jesus's head

Continuing his movement. He drops his right knee on the
mat going to the mount position


-Knee on the belly transition to the arm bar technique

Luis starts on the side control

He jumps to the knee on the stomach and Jesus one more
time starts blocking the knee on the belly using his hand

Luis transitions his left knee right into Jesus's chest

Continuing the movement he throws his left leg right over
Jesus's head

With his right hand he grabs Jesus's left elbow controlling
and pulling right in between his legs

With his right hand on Jesus's left elbow Luis traps Jesus's
hand in between his elbow and armpit and then he sits on
the mat keeping his knees together to start to apply the
armbar bringing his back all the way to the mat