TBJJ Technique Feature- March


In this Month's featured Technique, we have Mauricio "Tinguinha" 's black belt Mike Brown. Mike has been training Brazilian Jiu Jitsu for more than 10 years and is the official TBJJ Academy's tournament coach. He will teach us this month some of the techniques he has perfected over all these years of training.


- Loop Choke From the Stading Position

Chris starts trying to hold Mike's front leg
and Mike holds Chris's collar with his four
fingers inside.

Mike starts bringing his legs back and starts
lifting his right elbow to bring Chris's head
under his armpit.

Mike starts moving his left hand behind
Chris's knee and starts to drop his head

Mike drops his left knee on the mat and
starts to roll under Chris.

After completing the roll he starts to apply
the choke with his head on Chris's stomach.

With His left hand, Mike brings Chris's leg close
to his shoulder to avoid having Chris roll out of
the choke.


-Rolling Sweep From The Outside Hook Guard

Mike starts from the De La Riva guard with his right
hand controlling Chris's collar and with his left foot
going behind Chris's leg.

Chris starts to put pressure on MIke's right
leg and step over to try to pass Mike's guard.

Mike immediately sit up and post his right arm on
the mat and his left arm goes under Chris's leg
controlling his left arm.

Mike starts going under Chris's leg, hooking with his arm
Chris's left leg.

With Chris's right arm trapped Mike starts moving his hips
inside lifting Chris's left leg.

Completing the movement Mike starts to go on top still
trapping CHris's arm.

Finishing the position Mike lands top with Cris's leg over
his shoulder ready to pass the guard.