TBJJ Technique Feature- February 2009


BJJ Black Belt Julio Echeverria will be teaching two techniques in this month's techniques link showing a Clock choke and a sweep from the open guard. Julio is a Roberto "Gordo" Correia' s black belt and currently resides and teaches in Santa Cruz, California



Technique 1

From the turtle position Julio starts sprawling his legs back and
putting his chest on Batata's back

He starts passing his left arm under Batata's arm, controlling
the wrist and with his right hand he starts grabbing Batata's

Now he scissors his legs bringing his left leg over and starts
circling around towards his left side

Continuing the movement he starts applying the choke bringing
his hips all the way on top of Batata's right shoulder.

Technique 2

Julio starts controlling Batata's sleeves and starts to sit up
from the open guard

Julio starts bringing his left leg inside Batata's legs and placing
his left foot right on Batata's hips.

Now Julio starts driving and crossing Batata's arms to the side.

Continuing the motion he starts stretching his right foot on
Batata's left knee.


Following the movement Batata starts falling to the side while
Julio starts getting on his knees still controlling Batata's arms.

As soon as he gets on top he walks to Batata's side control.