TBJJ Technique Feature- January

Attacks From the Half Guard

In this Month's featured Technique, The BJJ Black Belt Roberto "Gordo" Correia will show us a little bit why he is famous. Known worldwide for his half guard game, he is world, pan- american and Brazilian champion for innumerous times aside of currently being the coach of UFC fighter Renato "Babalu"Sobral and had produced many world champions from his Brazilian Jiu-Jitsu school in Brazil.


- Kneebar from The Half Guard

Gordo starts with knee on the chest securing
Marcelo's collar and arm.

Gordo changes the grip from the arm going to the
knee and starts pulling Marcelo closer to him.

After Gordo has Marcelo on the full half guard
with the hook behind the knee, Gordo starts
pushing Marcelo's elbow with both hands.

Gordo starts bringing his left knee behind Marcelo's
armpit and starts securing Marcelo's left leg.

After passing his knee all the way through Marcelo's
armpit Gordo starts to bring Marcelo's left leg closer
to his shoulder and start applying the kneebar putting
pressure and bringing his hips up.

- Choke from the Half Guard

Gordo starts from the Half Guard with the knee
on the chest securing Marcelo's collar and arm.

Gordo starts lifting his left elbow and sliding
his left knee from Marcelo's chest to his arm.

After Gordo creates the space with his leg
and arm he brings his right hand under his
left arm, securing the collar with the 4
fingers inside.

Gordo then starts aplying the choke and at
the same time starts bringing his right knee
outside to the open guard.