TBJJ Technique Feature- October 2008


BJJ Black Belt Sandro "Batata" will be teaching two techniques in this month's techniques link showing a side control attack and a submission from the open guard. "Batata" is a Roberto "Gordo" Correia' s black belt and is well known for his loop choke techniques. He currently resides and teaches in Santa Cruz, California where he has his own school.


Technique 1

From the side control Batata starts controlling Julio’s belt and
with his right hand he holds Julio’s collar behind his neck using
his shoulder in front of Julio’s face.

With explosive motion he jumps with his left knee on Julio’s
stomach and posts his right leg on the mat.

Batata lets his left hand go from the belt and brings four fingers
inside Julio’s collar.

Continuing the motion Batata starts passing his elbow around
Julio’s head to adjust the choke.

As soon as the elbow passes around Julio’s head he is going to
start bringing his elbow towards Julio’s chest and starts applying
the choke with both hands

Technique 2

From the closed guard Batata starts bringing both his hands
inside Julio’s arm and open the arms out in different directions.


Continuing the motion with his right arm Batata goes around
Julio’s left arm bringing his hand all the way inside Julio’s collar
and with his left arm starts controlling Julio’s right bicep.

As soon as he secures the collar he starts scooping his hips to
his right side.

And then Batata opens his guard and bring his left foot onto
Julio’s hip.

Now Batata posts his left hand on the mat and starts to apply
pressure by pulling his elbow and hips towards his left side,
finishing the elbow lock.