TBJJ Technique Feature- August 2008


BJJ Black Belt Leonardo Seixas will be teaching two techniques in this month's techniques link showing transition techniques with TBJJ Brown Belt Vince Quitugua. Leonardo is a BJJ Black Belt with around 20 years of training experience having also taught BJJ for many years in Brazil.


Technique 1

Leonardo starts applying pressure from the side control with his
chest right behind Vince's elbow.

After he starts applying the pressure Vince starts to turn sideways
and Leonardo starts bringing his right arm right between Vince's arm.

Now he starts going a little bit lower and starts applying
pressure with his chest right on Vince's back.

So now Leonardo starts to switch his base.

Continuing the motion he starts shooting his right leg between
Vince's legs.

After he secures one hook inside he starts bringing his body on
top of Vince's back so he can put the hook inside.

As soon as he has both hooks inside he starts rolling to his left
side and starts bringing his left arm around Vince's neck.

Continuing the motion with his left hand he starts grabbing Vince's
collar and with his right arm under Vince's arm he grabs the other
collar and starts applying the choke.

Technique 2

Leonardo starts on the side control blocking Vince's hips with
his right arm.

With his right arm he starts to open Vince's lapel.

With his left hand he grabs Vince's lapel and pull towards Vince's

Now he moves to the North/South position and also starts grabbing
Vince's lapel with his right hand on his right side.

Now with explosive motion he is going to jump on his feet,
controlling Vince's lapels.

Continuing the motion he starts bringing his head up bringing
Vince towards his lap.

Following the motion Leonardo starts sitting down with his
knees pointing out.

He then starts shooting his feet inside.

As soon as he secures the back he switches his right arm over
Vince's shoulder, grabbing the collar and with his left hand
grabs the opposite collar and starts applying the choke.