TBJJ Technique Feature- October


In this Month's featured Technique, we have Brazilian Jiu Jitsu's Black Belt Kris Shaw teaching a BJJ and a Self Defense techniques along with TBJJ Black Belt Mike Brown.
Kris got her Black Belt from Leka Vieira andhas been training for around 10 years. She currently trains with the Tinguinha BJJ Academy team.


Butterfly Sweep


Kris starts from the butterfly guard with her back on the
mat. She starts bringing her left foot right on Mike Brown's
hips to start creating space.

After creating the space, Kris starts to sit up and
brings her right arm under Mike Brown's arm.

Kris's right hand grabs Mike Brown's belt and her
left hand starts to dominate Mike Brown's right elbow.

Kris starts bringing her left shoulder on the mat and at the
same time she starts to lift her right foot right in Mike's groin.

Following the motion she will be landing on the mount position

Self Defense Technique
- Street Situation Against The Choke



Mike Brown as an agressor starts stepping
forward and uses both his hands to grab
Kris's neck. Kris moves her left leg back and
brings her hand to Mike Brown's forearm.

Kris starts bringing her right leg right onto
Mike Brown's hips and starts flexing her left
leg, preparing to sit down

After she sits, she brings her left leg on Mike
Brown's hip.

Completing the movement Kris puts her back flat
on the mat and starts lifting Mike Brown over her
head using her feet on Mike's hips.

Completing the motion she throws Mike Brown over her
head and after starts rolling over her left shoulder.

Right after Kris rolls over her shoulder she will
be landing on the mount position and she starts
to cross her arms on Mike Brown's chest.

Kris steps with her left foot on the mat and
starts passing her right leg on top of Mike
Brown's head.

Completing the step she puts her back on the
mat controlling Mike Brown's left arm and starts
to apply the pressure bringing her hips towards
the celling finishing the armlock.