Techniques Review- Back Attacks

The Techniques featured below are from Tinguinha's Extreme Back Attacks DVD, he will be teaching 4 different techniques with the assistance of TBJJ Student Jeff Nolasco, going over different attacks from the Back position, giving attention to the details.
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Technique 1- The first technique I will show is a nice way to go from the closed guard from the bottom to the back. I teach this technique in the first part of the Extreme Back Attacks DVD- Taking the back. It is an intermediate technique and it requires good hip movement and coordination, it is a technique you can also use in the NoGi and MMA game, with a couple of changes. BJ Penn used this technique against Matt Hughes in the UFC and a couple of other fighters used it as well in MMA matches.

From the closed guard, I start working to break Jeff's grip. My left hand is going to control Jeff's right sleeve and my right arm is going to go underneath Jeff's right hand and control my own wrist.
Continuing the motion I am going to position my body to the left pulling my arm torwards the ceilling.
After I break Jeff's collar grip. I am going to let go of my right hand from my left wrist and I will start sitting up and bringing my right arm under Jeff's right arm.
Continuing the motion I will control Jeff's belt with my right hand and will pressure using my right elbow to keep Jeff's posture down.

Continuing the motion I will start shifting my hips to the left side turning to Jeff's back.

Following that I will let go of Jeff's belt and post my right hand on the mat and at the same time I will start putting my right hook inside to go to Jeff's back.
After that I will start bringing my left leg inside to put the other hook inside to go to Jeff's back.
After I secure the back with both hooks inside from the turtle. I will bring both my arms under Jeff's arms, controlling the wrists. Stretching my legs back and putting my weight forward to secure a very good control of Jeff's back.


Technique 2- This technique is also featured in the first part of the Extreme Back Attacks DVD (taking the back). It is going to the back (turtle) passing from the sitting up guard on top. It's a technique that requires agility and speed and it needs to be used on the right time. (needs the right timing to work).

I start from the top inside Jeff's butterfly guard.
Jeff starts stretching his legs and start posting his left elbow to sit up.
As soon as Jeff sits up I bring my head up and use my right hand to control his knee and my left hand go behind his back.
Continuing the motion I get up with my head up with the same control to avoid Jeff's leg getting close to me.


In a quick move at the same time I move my left hand on the mat between his legs and my right hand on top of his shoulder.
In a quick but light way I start a cartwheel with the weight posted on my right hand, placed on the mat.
As soon as I start landing on the other side, Jeff starts going to his knees.
Immediately I bring my chest to his back and sprawl my legs back. Controlling the turtle position.


Technique 3- This technique is from Part 2 of the Extreme Back Attacks DVD (chokes from the Back). It is an intermediate technique, it is a collar choke using the knee to make the pressure of the choke stronger. I teach this technique as an alternative for after the opponent try to block the regular collar choke, blocking your elbow.


Starting from Jeff's back with my right arm over Jeff's shoulders, controlling his collar and with my left hand under his arm, controlling his opposite collar. And Jeff is trying to stop the pressure of my choke by controlling my elbow and my sleeve.

As soon as I realize he is blocking my elbow I let go of my left hand from his collar and turn my body to my left hand from his collar and turn my body to my left reaching  for his left leg.
After I control his leg, I start posting my right foot on the mat and start moving my hip out.

After creating space with my hip movement I start bending my right leg and bringing my knee behind his head under my right arm.

Following up, as soon as my knee gets behind his head I will start stretching my body to increase the choke's pressure on his neck.


Technique 4- This technique is also from the 2nd part of The Extreme Back Attack DVD (chokes from the back) but in this technique I teach a transition from the back to the arm. It is an advanced technique that can be used in the Gi and NoGi game. It is a nice way to transition to the arm when your opponent try to choke you from the back, a lot of wrestlers are good using this escape. It is an excellent way to surprise them.

I start from the back position with my hooks inside. Jeff then starts blocking my attacks and start bringing his elbows on the mat and his hips up.
In a quick transition Jeff will bring his hands on the mat and will start bringing his hips up.
Continuing the motion he brings his hips on the mat and open his legs wide, leaning forward.

As soon as I feel that I am going to loose my control by sliding on top of his head I will post my right hand on the mat and bring my left arm around his arm, controlling my own collar.
Continuing the motion, I will hook his leg with my right arm and start bringing my left leg torwards his head.
In a continuous motion I will duck my head inside torwards his stomach.

Following that, after completing my roll, I will use my right arm to rock his balance and my right leg to sweep.

As soon as Jeff lands on his back I will bring my left leg on top of his head and apply the armbar.



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