TBJJ Technique Feature- February 2008


Professor Tinguinha will be teaching two techniques in this month's techniques link showing techniques from his well known spider guard game.


Technique 1
Spider Guard- Cartwheel pass


Tinguinha starts the position on Alex's shin, grabing
his pants.

With his left knee he starts pressuring Alex's leg and after
that he starts closing his elbows torwards his hips.


With explosive movements Tinguinha steps back with his
left leg and his elbows inside bringing Alex's legs on the

After that Tinguinha steps back with his right leg and starts
dropping his left hand on the mat close to Alex's leg .

In a continuous motion Tinguinha brings his right hand
close to Alex's shoulder and starts doing the cartwheel

In a continuation of the movement Tinguinha lands on the side
control with his base sideways.

As soon as he finishes the landing Tinguinha positions
his body on side mount.

Technique 2
Advanced Spider Guard Sweep

Tinguinha starts with the spider guard control
keeping his right leg stretched.

Now Tinguinha switches his left leg stretching up in the air
and brings his right leg under Alex's knee.

With a rotative movement Tinguinha starts
bringing his right shoulder on the mat and
starts getting under Alex's legs.

As soon as he positions his head under Alex's legs
Tinguinha starts bringing his hips up to the air.

In a continuous motion Alex starts landing on his side
and Tinguinha starts sitting up without dropping Alex's arm.

Tinguinha starts going to his knees pulling Alex's arms
to the air.

Completing the sweep Tinguinha starts dropping
his right knee on Alex's leg, getting ready to pass