"I still remember the day that I met Mauricio "Tinguinha" ( the nickname that made him famous). He was a kid with lots of talent in all kinds of sports, surfing, Judo, soccer and more. Also, I could notice fast that he was honest, brave, ethic and disciplined. So I always knew that whatever he had choosen as a career, he would be successfull and that was exactly what we see today, a great person, a great family man with a great Jiu-Jitsu. The perfect instructor that combines technique, professionalism, passion and the gift to improve and create new options for what he learns.
I am very proud of my friend's acomplishments and know that the sky is the limit for him and his students.
Keep training hard and stay with GOD."

Vinicius "Draculino" Magalhaes- 3rd degree BJJ Black Belt- Head Instructor of Gracie Barra BH in Brazil


"Mauricio "Tinquinha" is a great friend and great instructor, one of the best. His academy is an awesome place to train BJJ, because of him, his students and its friendly and pleasant environment"

Paulo Guillobel- 3rd degree BJJ Black Belt
(Frequently trains at The Tinguinha BJJ Academy)


"It is with great pleasure and pride that I have the opportunity to speak about Tinguinha BJJ. I first met Tinguinha in Brazil when I first went to study Brazil over 10 years ago and what I remembered was just how nice he was. A few years ago one of my students asked where he should train because he was moving to Southern California. Without a question I told him to go to Tinguinha. Since then my student has told me so many other great qualities about Tinguinha. I have trained at his school as well and let me tell you he has a PASSION for teaching Jiu-Jitsu the right way. I recommend anyone to his school that wants to not only take their Jiu-Jitsu to the top but their life as well. Alberto Crane- BJJ Black Belt and Tinguinha Fan"

Alberto Crane
1st Degree BJJ Black Belt


"While at Tinguinha's Jiu Jitsu academy I noticed that Tinguinha gives great individual attention to all of his students with different levels of knoweldge of Jiu Jitsu. Which is the key to being a great instructor."

Leka Viera-2nd degree BJJ Black Belt- 3X World Champion

"I have the distinct privilege of being Tinguinha’s first official student here in America. I have trained with Tinguinha for the past 7 years and I knew from the first day I trained with him that I had found my permanent Jiu-Jitsu home. All you have to do is watch him with his family or spend one class observing his teaching and interaction with his students to realize his passion for not only Jiu-Jitsu but for his students, his knowledge of BJJ is awesome and his ability to translate the techniques to his students is amazing. I recently had the opportunity to watch some of Tinguinha’s footage from competition and it reminded me of just how beautiful and awesome HIS Jiu-Jitsu truly is. I am truly honored to be his student and his first Black Belt"

Mike Brown-Expert Witness/ Construction Consultant- BJJ Black Belt - Tinguinha BJJ Academy Member


" I can still remember the 1st day of training with tinguinha 08/10/01 like it was yesterday. I was older than everyone and also a white belt with no clue on grappling techniques. But through out the years Tinguinha's teachings on Life and Jiu-Jitsu have giving me more than I could ever Imagine. My very 1st Tournament Tinguinha was there and at every Tournament I have done and Win or Lose he has respected me for my efforts. Also the Family of Students at TBJJ has become so important in my life. Thank You Tinguinha and the TBJJ Academy For Everything you have done it is greatly appriciated."

Greg (Campeon) Lopez- Owner/Operator of Greg's Express Courier- Tinguinha BJJ Academy Member


“A black belt is a white belt who never stops training…don’t just be a black belt in Jiu-Jitsu but also be a black belt in life.”  I heard Tinguinha say these words during a belt promotion and it’s been etched in my mind since then.  I’m a relatively new student to the TBJJ Academy but it didn’t take me long to see what a great ambassador Tinguinha is for the art of BJJ.  Tinguinha not only imparts to his students his awesome skills and knowledge, but he instills humility, pride and self-respect.  As a use of force/defensive tactics instructor for a local police department, I am most impressed with Tinguinha’s teaching style and the manner in which he maximizes each student’s strengths.  Bottom line, the TBJJ Academy is an awesome place to train.Tom Hoang- (Proud White Belt)"

Tom Hoang-Force/Defensive Tactics Instructor for the Anaheim Police Department- TBJJ Academy Member


"When I moved to California my coach at the time, Alberto Crane told me to train with Tinguinha.
Tinguinha took me in like family and made me feel welcome. The first thing I admired about Tinguinha was the quality of his instruction. He has a talent for picking out the weak areas of the student and improving them. He is a very detail oriented teacher and will take time to correct the student's technique if they need it. Of course Tinguinha's Jiu Jitsu is very good, he truly is one of the world's great practitioners.
The greatest aspect however of Tinguinha's school is the attitude that comes from Tinguinha and all of the students.
I have trained martial arts for 16 years and have been an instructor myself for 6 of those years. I've noticed that the attitude of the instructor will spread through the school to all of the students. this same attitude will also attract certain types of people into the school. The attitude at Tinguinha's is one of respect and brotherhood. We all respect each other and help
each other learn. Tinguinha has attracted an amazing pool of talented grapplers in a few short years.
I love training here, I drive past seven other BJJ schools to train with Tinguinha."

Grant Collins- Acupuncturist- Tinguinha BJJ Academy Member


“Nearly a year ago, I stepped through the doors of Tinguinha’s Jiu Jitsu Academy haven both nervous and shy and began the journey that has strengthened me, physically and mentally. Throughout High school I did not participate in any type of sports, I came into Jiu Jitsu without any prior experience of any type of physical activity besides my love for mountain biking. If you were to ask Tinguinha about me, he would tell you how I use to ride my bicycle all the way from Fullerton to Anaheim just to train every Tuesday and Thursday.
There is nothing that I can really add that has not already been said about the greatness of Tinguinha’s teachings.My friends on this testimonial page have already covered this matter.
However, what I can add is that, whether you’re young or old, weak or strong, whether you stuck to reading books rather than playing sports in High school, or even if you are just a person looking to make some new friends, Tinguinha, Myself, and every one at our Brazilian Jiu Jitsu Academy will be happy to help you!”

Anthony Tran - College Student - Tinguinha BJJ Academy Member

" I just wanted to take this opportunity and express how grateful I am to have such a great place to train.  As a veterinarian, after so many years of schooling and now pursuing advanced training in a residency program, I know what it means to be driven and dedicated to one’s profession.   Tinguinha Jiu Jitsu Academy displays that kind of drive and dedication to its students making it the best place to train jiu jitsu I have come across.  Always keeping the students in mind and maintaining a professional yet relaxed atmosphere I am totally at home here.
Thank you so much for helping me progress thus far and I’m looking forward more training".

Chris Reeder- Veterinarian- Tinguinha BJJ Academy Member

"Recently I was involved in an attack. I was approached by a psychotic individual with a knife and I was forced to put my skills to the test. Using my self defense training I was able to submit the individual and walked away . The most important thing was the concern of my own life. I wouldn't be standing today if it wasn't for Tinguinha's training. With only a month of training at this Academy I was able to defend myself & survive an unfortunate event. I just wanted to say that I take great pride & honor to be training here at this Academy under the supervision and guidance of such an amazing & inspiring instructor as Tinguinha."  

Alex Ha-Information Systems- Tinguinha BJJ Academy Member


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